“Non-standard”: a look back at the 2022 harvest


It is often said in France that “les années se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas” (one year is never the same as the next).  The adage was once again true in 2022!

In contrast to a mediocre 2021 (early frosts, mildew, etc.), the temperatures and sunshine levels over 2022 enabled us to bring in a sizeable harvest of healthy, excellent-quality grapes, picked at perfect maturity, which is considered essential at CHAMPAGNE DE SAINT-GALL.

“We tasted and analysed the grapes in order to obtain the perfect balance for our future cuvées“, says cellar master Cédric Jacopin.


2022, adapt, adapt, adapt!

The harvests were earlier but still aligned with the natural cycle of the vine. The harvest kicked off in Ambonnay (Montagne de Reims) on 27 August for the Pinot Noirs and on 30 August for the Chardonnays in the Côte des Blancs. Not too early, not too late!

The sun shone (sometimes a bit too brightly!) bringing excessive heat that created its own problems.

“To preserve the quality of our fruit from the vine to the vat, we had to move fast and sometimes adapt the vinification itineraries,” says Cédric Jacopin.

A “non-standard” harvest. The descriptor might surprise, but it is appropriate given the climate upsets experienced in all the French wine regions this year.



To date, the first tastings of the wines post-fermentation suggest a vintage of great expression. We invite you to check back in a few months to hear more about the true potential of this vintage that we hope will also be Non-Standard!”



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