New champagne: Orpale vintage 2008

Orpale 2008 – The festive season’s new champagne


For this festive season, we are delighted to bring you the latest vintage of our ORPALE champagne, the 2008. This champagne originates from a unique terroir, the Côte des Blancs, which offers salinity and minerality combined with the precision of the Chardonnay grape. This alchemy, bottled only in exceptional years, makes ORPALE a “cuvée d’exception“, which will spend more than a decade in the cellar to allow it to develop all its complexity. ORPALE is a bijou champagne, fashioned by the hand of craftsmen intent on revealing the magnificence of a noble material, the essence of a unique land.

“2008 was an unusual year. It was a cool year which allowed the grapes to develop a higher, more noticeable acidity than usual. The resulting wines are naturally tauter, straight and chiselled.” – Cédric Jacopin, cellar master.

ORPALE 2008 is a vintage champagne that possesses enormous aromatic intensity. Intended to be a bijou champagne crafted from the best grape variety, ORPALE 2008 is an alliance of aromatic nuances that reveal the magnificence of the chalk. ORPALE 2008 shows linearity, freshness, minerality and evolved notes on the end-palate, a particularity of the Côte des Blancs terroir. It is a great vintage champagne for laying down that will be much appreciated as an aperitif.

Because it is a new release, the ORPALE 2008 vintage champagne is presented in an eco-friendly folding box with an understated and elegant design, that has been made in France by Le Sanglier Packaging, a local company located about 100 km from our production site.


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The coming together of ORPALE 2008 and Stéphane Rossillon

Our cellar master, Cédric Jacopin, and Stéphane Rossillon (former second-in-command to the 3-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic and chef at the Les Avisés restaurant) have come up with a wonderful food and wine pairing between them. This perfect duo is “Made in the Côte des Blancs” as both UNION CHAMPAGNE and the Les Avisés restaurant are located in Avize. From this combination of talents there emerged a conversation combining the nuances of the ORPALE 2008 vintage champagne.

THE RECIPE: Fillet of rockfish, wild rice, wakame seaweed, confit cherry tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, beurre blanc with verjus from the Champagne region.

SALINITY from the wakame seaweed, which is nowadays mainly found on the Brittany coast. It is a brown seaweed with a soft consistency and a naturally iodised and marine character, similar to oysters.

ACIDITY from the verjus, an acidic grape juice made from unripe grapes used in sauces, which sets off the incisive notes of the ORPALE 2008 vintage champagne.

SUCROSITY from the slightly confit cherry tomatoes. These raw ingredients create a unique dish that varies with the seasons.


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