Champagne and foie gras: everything you need to know!

Champagne and foie gras


For a long time, foie gras was content with being paired with the same type of wine. The obvious pairing, which has become pretty much the norm, is with Sauternes, a sweet fine wine that seems to have acquired the monopoly on “good taste”. However, some well-chosen bubbles can also work well…

Of course, there are as many different pairings as there are champagnes, but there are some that are more obvious or at least make for some very interesting matches. Foie gras, enjoyed primarily in the festive season, is considered a delicacy. Prepared in a terrine, cooked in a cloth, mi-cuit (lightly cooked) or served with toast, it offers an infinite number of pairing options.

Here are some suggestions:


With toast

When served with toast or slices of gingerbread and a dollop of fig jam, foie gras requires a wine that can stand up to the carbohydrate load! Step forward demi-sec champagne!…



In a terrine

If you like your foie gras served plain, with just a sprinkle of sea salt, then opt for champagnes that are fruity, floral and very smooth, i.e., usually containing a bit of Meunier.




With pan-seared or mi-cuit (lightly cooked) foie gras, a Rosé champagne can work wonders. It melts alongside the melting texture of the foie gras.  And if there is a naturally zesty compote of cranberries served with it, it’s even better!

E.g.: Le Rosé Premier Cru : CHAMPAGNE DE SAINT-GALL


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